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Dr. Lisa Xochitl Vallejos

Counseling & Psychology Educator | Licensed Psychotherapist | Consultant

The world we live in is a house on fire and the people we love are burning ~sandra cisneros

We are in a crisis that many of us have never experienced before. We are living through a pandemic, wars, civil unrest and violence on our streets. We are also being forced to navigate systems that are designed to keep us down while doing it. 

It’s ok to not be ok. 

Here, we are creating space that challenges the status quo and business as usual model of psychotherapy, counseling and wellness. 



We challenge the idea that a person in crisis is the problem and we look to the factors that are contributing to their suffering. 

We find ways to EMPOWER and TRANSFORM our clients to navigate the world with joy, meaning, purpose and a fierceness born of deep love. 

We serve people who have been forced to the margins of our society and we center the most vulnerable among us.




Social Justice

How we serve our world

  • Community Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Affordable & Accessible Psychotherapy
  • Liberation & Social Justice Consulting
  • Spiritual Mentorship




Together, we rise

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

Love & Liberation

So what's the solution?

It’s hard to find your place in a world that was never designed to serve you. It’s hard to fit into a world that doesn’t want you. It’s hard to get help in a system that wants you in pain. 

  1. Traditional mental health will see you as the problem. You are not the problem–existing in systems made to keep you out is the problem. Here, we understand you.
  2. We work with the whole person. You’re not expected to fit in or conform here. You don’t have to code switch or worry that your cultural experience will be dismissed or misunderstood. 
  3. You are respected and cherished. Your experience and innate wisdom is welcome here. 
Lady Justice

I ts Time For A Revolu tion

It is time for a personal and collective revolution. 

Our mission is to bring in new approaches to counseling and psychology–one centered on justice, critical consciousness and socially responsive approaches that serve our most vulnerable community members.  

With my extensive experience teaching and training in anti-oppressive practices, I am here to serve clients, individual therapists, organizations and universities.

It is time we dismantle the old systems & create new, generative systems that are justice oriented. 

#libera tion

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Whether you are a client in need of support,  private practitioner, university leader or manage an organization, Dr. V can help you.