sacred partnerships & soul evolution 

Online Mystery School

Decolonized Spiritual & Metaphysical education for all your needs

Twin Flame University

14 week Twin Flame University: Ascension Master Class

Do you believe in magic?
 Your best life is waiting.

You believe in the magic of your ancestors

You know there's more to life

You want to build a life that supports your dreams

You know that sacred love is possible but need help creating it

You want to learn to work WITH life instead of against it

Money Magick

Learn how to work with money magick to increase wealth

Sacred Love Partnerships

You met someone who turned your world upside down. Now what? 

Ancestral Healing

We carry the wounds of our ancestors. Here, you learn to heal 7 generations forward and 7 back.

Working with Guides

Learn how to identify your spiriutal board of directors & how to work with them to help you transform your life

What Is a Mystery School?
Who is it For?

A mystery school is a collection of “secrets” that have been gathered over the ages and have been passed down through various modes of teaching. These are the practices of our ancestors that were taken from us. Now, we are taking it back.

This is for the Lovers, Seekers, Rebels & Renegades.

Folx who know that using LOA isn't enough

…because there are social and political factors to take into account & you’re sick of spiriutality that doesn’t take that into consideration. 

People who are over the Twin Flame obsession

Here, you learn the TRUE purpose for Twin Flames, and how to empower yourself to end the cycles of frustration. 

BIPOC who want a decolonized spirituality

You’re ready for a space that practices spirituality from a decolonized lens

Spiritual bypassing? No thanks!

You’re so ready for a space where you’re not constantly feeling like people are spiritually bypassing to avoid the hard stuff in life.

You want a new, thriving relationship with money

The mystery school will teach you the tricks to creating more financial flow AND how to manage what comes in so you can keep it (without hoarding!)

About Me

Hi! I’m Dr. V and the author of the viral piece “The True Purpose of Twin Flames”. I have a Ph.D. in psychology and have been a spiritual mentor for most of my adult life. 

I coach mystical seekers and Twin Flames who are craving a new life, purpose-filled and on mission, making money, making love & making a difference.



The Love Revolution Twin Flame course has changed my life in a multitude of ways. 

Jessica Harris

If you’ve been thinking about taking that leap of faith, go for it! You won’t regret it!


I just wanted to say I was honored to meet you and to say thank you for your amazing channel and for being the genuine caring person that you are. Your words helped me through some dark days.



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The Midas Touch

Learning how to turn everything you touch into gold–a mess into a message, .15$ into a dollar and your pain into medicine. 

Tarot Training for the Modern Mystic

Learn the tarot for yourself through the lens of the Hero’s Journey & Archetypes. 

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