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BIPOC Single's Events

Singles Mingles for BIPOC singles looking to find love

XO Love University

Classes, workshops and personal consutling for your love & relationship needs

Love is a beautiful thing
 You’re ready for your love story.

You're ready to meet the love of your life

You've tried online dating with meh results

You want to build a life that supports your dreams

Matchmaking sites cater to non-BIPOC

You're busy & don't want to waste your time

Single's Events

Meet high value BIPOC singles 

Create healthy partnerships

Learn the skills necessary to keep love alive & vibrant

Yoga for Lovers

Yoga for singles to meet other singles who are into mindfulness & spirituality.

Yoga for couples to deepen intimacy.

Handle relationship challenges with grace

Even the best relationships have challenges. It’s how we handle them that makes the difference. 

What Is this all about?
Who is it For?

Dating can be really challenging in this modern era. Dating apps are easy but don’t have great outcomes. Meeting people in “traditional” ways is increasingly harder. For busy singles, it’s just not feasible to spend tons of time trying to meet someone.

What is BIPOC?

Black, Indigenous, People of Color. 


BIPOC Singles who want to find love

Dating apps have abysmally low success rates for BIPOC. Most other dating events cater to non-BIPOC and aren’t designed with us in mind.

Busy BIPOC singles who don't have time to waste

Scrolling through apps, swiping left and right can take hours to find a match. Then, you don’t really know if you are a good fit until you meet in person and if you’re not? Back to square one. We help you skip all of that.

BIPOC singles who are willing to show up

You’re not content with hoping the fates line up for you. You want to take your love life into your own hands and find the love you deserve.

BIPOC who want to cultivate healthy relationships

You have had some not so great relationships in the past & now you’re ready to do the work to change that. 

BIPOC singles who want to meet other singles & have fun

Singles events include meetups, singles yoga, hikes, bowling, and a whole host of other things to help you find your person

About Me

Hi! I’m Dr. V and the author of the viral piece “The True Purpose of Twin Flames”. I have a Ph.D. in psychology and have been doing relationship work for nearly 20 years.

I help BIPOC singles find love that lasts. 



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Love Revolution Course

So…you met your twin flame and your life got turned upside down. You didn’t know what the heck was happening, and so you did what most people do…freak out and try to figure out what is going on. This course is designed just for you!

Love Revolution Workbook

The Love Revolution workbook will help you understand deep soul connections and how to use that energy to find your life purpose. 

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