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What Is a Mystery School?
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A mystery school is a collection of “secrets” that have been gathered over the ages and have been passed down through various modes of teaching. .

This is for the Lovers, Seekers, Rebels & Renegades. 

You've heard about the Law of Attraction...

But people don’t tell you a lot of the ‘secrets’ that go into actually making it work for you. That ends here. 

People who are over the Twin Flame obsession

Here, you learn the TRUE purpose for Twin Flames, and how to empower yourself to end the cycles of frustration. 

Those seeking to hone intuition & powers

Sure, you can keep paying for tarot readings & guidance OR you can learn how to do all of this for yourself. 

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The mystery school will teach you the tricks to creating more financial flow AND how to manage what comes in so you can keep it (without hoarding!)

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No person is an island and this group is where you will find your fellow Mystery seekers in a SAFE & intentionally inclusive space.

About Me

Hi! I’m Dr. V and the author of the viral piece “The True Purpose of Twin Flames”. I have a Ph.D. in psychology and have been a spiritual mentor for most of my adult life. 

I coach mystical seekers and Twin Flames who have moved past the Union obsession to learn how to co-create the life they crave.



The Love Revolution Twin Flame course has changed my life in a multitude of ways. 

Jessica Harris

If you’ve been thinking about taking that leap of faith, go for it! You won’t regret it!


I just wanted to say I was honored to meet you and to say thank you for your amazing channel and for being the genuine caring person that you are. Your words helped me through some dark days.



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The Midas Touch

Learning how to turn everything you touch into gold–a mess into a message, .15$ into a dollar and your pain into medicine. 

Tarot Training for the Modern Mystic

Learn the tarot for yourself through the lens of the Hero’s Journey & Archetypes. 

Did you know that less than 20% of Twin Flames ever get into Union?

Have you begun to suspect that you’re not going to be together anytime soon & want to know how to move on with grace?

Have you bought into the whole “epic love story” about twin flames that is out there and now you feel disillusioned by the realization that it’s not that at all?

If that’s you, it’s not your fault. 

Many—if not most–twin flame “teachers” keep preaching Union & keeping people on the obsession merry go round. 

Not many people are telling the truth about Twin Flames, which is…

It was never about the other person, but about YOUR soul’s growth

This person showed up in your life to open your heart like you’ve never felt and then to strike you right in the center of your core wound. When this happened, your ego took a massive blow. All your fears came rushing to the surface:


*I’m not good enough

*no one will love me

*If only this person loves me, I’ll finally be worthy

*I’m too damaged to be loved

*I’ll never get what I want


And so on…


If you’re anything like the thousands of people I’ve worked with since starting this journey, you have come to the realization that chasing TF love has only kept you from being able to move forward. You’ve realized that TF union in the physical reality is either not a real possibility at this time die to life circumstances OR you realized on this journey that thinking only about Union is thinking way too small.

You know there’s more to life. You want that.  


Now, instead of being obsessed with your TF, you’re focusing your energies on how to alchemize your life into what your heart truly craves; abundance, peace, prosperity and magic everywhere. You have tasted the goodness that is available and have been met by your hearts longing (thank you TF!) and now you’re ready to learn how to harness your own divine essence into making that a daily reality for yourself.


But…where to begin?


For many who are on the ascension path, this is new territory.

Most Twin Flame teachers focus on Union. They teach how to “manifest” your twin back to your life, or teach the 21 ways to bring them back RIGHT NOW. After years of studying the Twin Flame journey and helping literally thousands of Twin Flames, I am convinced that most fo what is being taught is wrong. 

How do I know? Because I’ve talked to literally thousands of people and of those, less than 20% of people come into Union with their twin. Most of those people heal, ascend and realize that this journey is so much more than what they’ve been taught and they want to take this new spiritual awakening, find their mission and create the life they most deeply crave. 


That’s what I’m here to help you do. Get in touch with me today!





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