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The True Purpose of Twin Flame Connections

Imagine meeting your perfect half…the person in whose eyes you find home, who is a…

What Coronavirus Can Teach Us About Life

If you’re feeling extra horny, or romantic, or loving, don’t be surprised or ashamed.

Toxic Twin Flame beliefs that are keeping you stuck

I’ve worked with thousands of Twin Flames....

Twin Flames: When To Let Go

When it comes to Twin Flames, one of the biggest questions is when to let go and move on.

Why I’m no longer using the Twin Flame label

I am leaving the twin flame label behind. I know that may be shocking to many of…

The white moderate is STILL the biggest threat to progress

This morning, there was a cloud over the city of Denver, literally and metaphorically.

Dori & Jubilee’s Final Gift

Dori came to me in March of 2006. A co-worker who couldn’t keep her anymore...

Big Hands

I am big…voracious, really. With my too big heart, and too big thoughts and the wideness of my hips

The Hunger Games: Dating Edition

Dating is one of the most interesting and exhausting endeavors one can embark on

To the girls who raised themselves

This one is for the girl with the poorly applied eye shadow, and the foundation that’s a slight…

“It’s your fault if he kills himself”

I interrupt my social media hiatus to say Offset, what are you doing?

Offset isn’t romantic; he’s toxic

I interrupt my social media hiatus to say Offset, what are you doing?

Ten Myths about Twin Flames that need to Go Away Immediately

This is a common belief and many times, people who challenge this notion are told....

Please stop romanticizing Twin Flames

As I wrote in the article, “The True Purpose of Twin Flame Connections”, the purpose of these…

Breaking my Silence, part 4

The time since this happened has been an intense learning journey. While it may seem tempting..

Breaking my Silence, Part 3

As I wrote in the article, “The True Purpose of Twin Flame Connections”, the purpose of these…

Breaking my Silence, Part 2

There was a large part of me that wanted to break things off then but I didn’t for a couple of reasons..

Breaking my Silence, part 1

When I told my friend I was considering writing this series, that was her response....

To the guy who wants to “get to know me”

So, I did a thing. I made an application to get to know me because I’ve noticed a pattern

The Price of Intimacy

On any given day, you can open your phone or computer and connect with people all over the world. One click and you are…

Sacred Sexuality

The word sex itself is loaded with the cultural context one lives in...

The Ugly Truth About Lies

I really, really, really dislike lies. In my home, my children know that if they...

Choose a lover like this

Choose a lover who, when they look at you, they genuinely see you. Choose a lover who....

Stop policing women’s sexuality

It happens all the time to women — people who take it upon themselves to critique our sexuality...

We need to stop wounding our boys

From infancy, boys are socialized away from touch and emotional intimacy. Studies have shown...

Get In Formation

In this time of political unrest where the USA has quickly fallen from her former luster and the current administration seems…

Politics, Lying, Personal Agency and Oppression

The assault on truth is not a new phenomenon in our politics but it has gone to new levels with the current administration.

10 Ways to Lose A Good Woman

Even the most secure, confident and self-assured woman will quickly wear tired of being taken for granted. Don`t assume she will always be there just because...

Not all racists wear white

“But I’m not a racist!” says every white person who has ever done something racist. Whenever a racially charged incident comes out

Junot Diaz: The Complexity of Abuse, Accountability, and Amends

I wish I could say I was surprised when my twitter timeline started being flooded with the...

Maybe it’s your Twin Flame, Maybe it’s a Narcissist

Ah, divone love. Who wouldn`t want this experience? Who wouldn`t want to touch...

Boundaries: A Love Story

I would take on too much at work, because I just knew that if I said no, I would lose my job. In fact, I would...

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