Dr. Xochitl Lisa Vallejos, or Dr. V., has been teaching at the college and graduate level since 2009 and has been a therapist since 2004. Over the years, Dr. V has been increasingly dismayed by the lack of culturally proficient therapists and has made it a priority to challenge the status quo.

Dr. V believes that therapy and psychology need to be radically revisioned to be effective and accessible to clients who hold marginalized identities. While Dr. V works with training therapists on addressing multiple systems of oppression, her speciality is anti-racism in therapy. . Given that 87% of therapists are white, it’s imperative that those therapists unpack their own bias so as to not cause harm to their clients.

Dr V

How Therapists Drive Away Minority Clients

Racial discrimination is pervasive, and minorities regularly experience it in blatant ways….

An Open Letter To My Therapist

I knew at the age of 16 that life wasn’t going to be easy as a teenage, single parent. Somehow between…

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Why Work With Dr V?

Reflect deeply

You will be called to look at your own life, your beliefs and identify your growing edges.

Learn & unlearn

At the end, you will be able to work in a manner that is of service to clients who hold marginalized identities.

Be A Part of the future

You will be part of the future of counseling and psychology.

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