About Dr. V

The Rundown:

I spend my days suspended between worlds; the real life challenges and issues we face in this human reality (aka The Matrix) and encouraging people to rise above the noise, tap into higher reality and consciousness and contribute to the (r)evolution of humanity. That means, you’re likely to see a hodgepodge of deeply spiritual material followed by a political issue, and most likely something about sex. You may even get the occasional “that’s what she said”. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re my people, you’ll get it.

What you most want to know:

I have a Ph.D. in psychology with an emphasis on Existential, Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology. I’m a former therapist and professor and still write regularly in professional publications. I am dedicated to love and liberation (I even have a personalized body oil with that name). I’m a published artist, poet and author. I’ve written for Elephant Journal,  CNN, GoodTherapy.org, and have been seen on Good Morning Arizona, The Denver Post and many more. I’m the proud mama of two feral souls, Gabriel and Eden, who are my greatest teachers.

I’m also the dog mom to Dori, Jubilee and now Goliath. #mustlovedogs

I love to read, practice yoga, workout, create art and swim.

What do I do, anyway?

Glad you asked.

  1. I write…a lot. I publish in popular media often and less often in academia. Most of my writing is about love, justice and psychology and often, all three. You can see some of my academic writing here.
  2. I’m a consultant to therapists/psychologists who want to learn how to practice from a non-oppressive perspective.
  3. I’m a psychospiritual mentor: I run a YouTube channel where I offer tarot readings for those in a soul-based connection (twin flame, soul mate, sacred sidekick).
  4. I’m a love/relationship coach: I offer coaching to people in soul based-connections who want to stop losing their minds, work through their barriers and who want to have an expansive love.

How did I get here?

It’s been a wild journey, so say the least. The spiritual part of me has always been here; I spent nearly 20 years working in some type of ministry capacity before launching into my own brand of Heretical Healing™. My Ph.D. is in psychology with an emphasis in Existential, Humanistic and Transpersonal (i.e. spiritual) psychology so it is natural for me to combine the aspects of being spiritual beings having a human experience.

I’ve always been wildly intuitive and had a way of knowing things that I had no business knowing. As many youngins do, I tuned it out because it was not encouraged and it was kinda scary but as I got older, I couldn’t deny it anymore. I finally surrendered to it, and began trusting what I know.

One of my soul contracts is about justice so I’ve always been passionate about things pertaining to justice. I became interested in social justice in my early college days although I’d always had a pull in that direction. Since then, I’ve been openly talking about racism, classism, sexism and all the other isms as well as having conducted workshops, trainings and presentations on the same.

Basically, my work is about helping people heal themselves, heal their relationships and then heal the world. 

I believe that mission based soul relationships (i.e Revolutionary Love™) that are guided by and dedicated to a greater cause can help raise and shift the consciousness of our planet. When we come together with the highest vibration (LOVE) with a dedication to healing ourselves and our world, we can do magic. I’m committed to being fueled by love as I participate in the collective liberation of humanity.

This is the love revolution.


Psst…if you want to check out my academic chops i.e. publications/presentations/board memberships, here ya go.

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