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Are you a mental health professional seeking to infuse your practice with liberation psychology and social justice approaches? Our services offer expert guidance to help you transform your work and create more equitable, empowering spaces for your clients

Liberation U: Online community

Join our online sanctuary for visionaries, healers, activists, and changemakers committed to dismantling oppressive systems and co-creating a just world.

Therapy for the Revolution

Therapeutic support isn't about 'fixing' you. It's about creating a sanctuary where your experiences are honored, your pain is validated, and your strength is recognized. Your healing is an act of resistance. Reach out. Let's transform this pain into power, and work towards collective liberation—one healing conversation at a time.

Sacred Activism

Seek support in rekindling the sacred fire of activism, guided by the spirits of those who came before us. Together, we'll work towards a future that honors our past and heals our present.

The Anti-Racist Therapist

Are you ready to radically transform your practice and become a true agent of healing and justice? This isn't just another cultural competency workshop. This is a deep dive into the heart of anti-racist therapy—a journey that will challenge you, inspire you, and fundamentally change the way you practice.